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Shanghai Sensoriot Technology Co., Ltd. is an experienced manufacture of pressure and temperature sensors, transmitters; Melt pressure transmitters, melt temperature sensors, Internet of Things, laboratory instruments and automation with variety of brands such as Zias, Holeader, EMPS, Wu Hao MC, etc, which could be used in different industrial fields and process control. The main products developed and produced by our company consist of multiple series, including wireless sensors, flow sensors, linears, pressure sensors, liquid level sensors, high temperature melt pressure sensors , melt pressure gauge, high temperature melt pressure transmitter, temperature sensor, fusion index instrument, pressure calibration system, smart digital instrument, blasting switch, smart home system, smart module, smart body scale, laboratory instrument, Internet of Things, and Automated complete control system. We strive to innovate, advocate environmental protection, adhere to the concept of high quality and integrity, and are committed to developing into a technology manufacturing group enterprise of sensor Internet of things and automated control systems.
Lowest prices ever, thanks to mass production and integral procurement strategy.
Our professional R&D and service engineers can find for you solutions that best suit.
Efficient and effective production management, timely follow-up.
One year warranty, long-time stability and reliability, 100% QC passed before delivery.
A detailed description of the Development History of Resista
Aug 25, 2020
Resistance strain sensor, as early as the late 1930s, shortly after the first strain gauges were made by E.SimmONs and A.C.Ruge in the United S...
Selection and installation of pressure gauge and accessories
Aug 25, 2020
In petrochemical production, the so-called pressure refers to the force acting on unit area uniformly and vertically by gas or liquid. Especial...
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Chen Gang, vice chairman of Shanghai Hunan Chamber of Commer
Aug 25, 2020
On January 5,2020, the annual meeting of Shanghai Changde Chamber of Commerce and the Investment Promotion Meeting of Changde "opening up and s...
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