PT110FB/PT120FB/PT130FB Explosion-Proof Flange High Temperature Melt Pressure Transmitter

Pressure Range: 0~2000MPa;

Accuracy: ±0.5%F.S;

Signal ouput: 4-20 mA, HART Output;

Temp.:400 °C ;

Protection: IP65, SIL 2;

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Range from 0-10bar, 0-1000bar

Hart communication protocol (optional choice) with 4-20mA output

High precision, stainless steel material sealing, simple installation, good stability, zero degree full scale adjustable, linear output can be directly PLC, good working characteristics and Atex certification for potentially explosion.

Active compensation of the variations in media temperature

Application area

This product is suitable for measuring the pressure of high temperature melt and the measurement of melt of plastic, plastic, rubber, chemical fiber and other extruder and extruder.

Product description

The main characteristic of this PT-FB series of flange type melt pressure sensors are used for high temperature environment and specially designed for melt pressure measurement and available mainly to be used in large scale fixed installations or stationary industrial tools, typically extruders for polymers or equipment for R&D purposes.



 IP65, SIL 2

Output Signal


Accuracy Grade


Pressure Range


Pressure Unit


Overload Capacity

1.5 times rated pressure

Zero Temp Drift


Electrical Environmental Temp


Bridge Resistance


Diaphragm Temp



1/2-14NPT lead-wire

Mounting Torque

40N.m Max

Temp Measuring Components

E,J,Ktype or Pt100

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