PT170/PT172/PT173 Alloy filled Green Melt Pressure Transmitter RoHs &SIL2 Certified

Pressure Range: 0~3.5MPa~250MPa;

Accuracy :±0.5%F.S;

Signal output: 3.33mV/V,0-10V,0-5V,4-20mA;

Temp:550℃; Alloy Filled;

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signal output: 3.33mV/V,0-10V,0-5V,4-20mA
accuracy grade:±0.5%F.S
special diaphragm coating
IP65 protection level
80% internal calibration

Application area

Gas pipe production lines. 

Plastic pipe production line. 

Geonet unit. 

Single corrugated pipe production line. 

Core layer foamed pipe production line. 

Plastic sheet (sheet) extrusion line. 

Polystyrene foam pipe production line. 

Film blowing unit, extrusion unit, PE stretch film unit, etc.

Product description

Alloy-filled melt pressure transducer is used to measure pressure at high temperature in the industries like chemical fiber and injection molding,special diaphragm and highly anti-abrasive coating of which enable it to work normally at high temperature of 400℃.It adopts environmental-friendly alloy-filled metal and threaded connection with 80% internal calibration.This series is characterized by good stability and long lifespan.

Technical Parameters

Input Voltage

10VDC (mV/V signal output)

24Vdc(mA,Volt signal output)

Bridge Resistance


Output Signal

3.33mV/V, 0-10V,0-5V,4-20mA

Diaphragm Material


Accuracy Grade


Diaphragm Temp


Pressure Range



6-pin standard aviation connector

Pressure Unit


Mounting Torque

40N.m Max

Overload Capacity

1.5 times rated pressure

Process Connection


Zero Temp Drift


Protection Level


Electrical Environmental


Temp Measuring Components

E,J,K type or Pt100

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