Water Pressure Test Case
Oct 6, 2020
1. Pressure pipes refer to all pipes under internal pressure or external pressure. Regardless of the media in the pipe, the pressure test can only be done after all the water pipe passages are welded. All plugs must be blocked before pressure measurement, and the water inlet must be sealed. Valve of the manifold.

2. Note that the hot and cold water pipes are connected together with hoses. The hot and cold water forms a circle, forming a pipe. The pressure tester can be connected to any water outlet. At this time, the pressure indicator is zero pressure.
If it is a drainage pipe, the pressure test of the water pipe does not need to be a pressure test, but it is necessary to do an irrigation experiment, block each water outlet, fill with water from a single water inlet, and see how much the water drops after a period of time. If it drops too much, the demand Check where the water is leaking. The water pipe in the home is suppressed. The national standard is 1.5 times the design pressure.

3. After the completion of the pipeline installation, the pipeline system should be pressure tested according to the planning requirements. The strength test and tightness test of the piping system are usually hydraulic test. If the hydraulic test cannot be selected due to the planning structure or other factors, the air pressure test can be selected.

4. During the operation, pay attention to the many types and large numbers of pressure pipes, many design, manufacturing, installation, inspection, and application management links, which are very different from pressure vessels, so it is very important to choose a suitable pressure sensor. And when leakage is found during the experiment, it must not be treated under pressure, and the pressure should be reduced and corrected. After the shortcomings are eliminated, the experiment should be repeated.

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