Melt pressure sensor used in Polymer Process control
Melt pressure sensor used in Polymer Process control
Feb 2, 2021

Our melt pressure sensor adopts strain gauge technology to measure melted material pressure from flush diaphragm in the 400 ℃ melt channel through a sealed capillary system to a measuring membrane. A strain gauge is applied on this measuring membrane which leads to a linear resistance change that generates the electrical output signal which can be amplified to connect with PLC. Usually, the melt pressure sensors use a liquid mercury or silicone oil or liquid alloy as the transmission medium.

Considering different industries applications, our melt pressure sensors diaphragm can be covered with Hasterlloy coating which is anti-corrosive or Inconel 718 coating which is anti-abrasive respectively.

0.5%F.S or 0.25% F.S accuracy can be achieved during production to meet different industrial control standards. Also, temperature and pressure can be connected to be an integrated one,in that case we can measure the pressure and temperature of the melted material inside the extruder at the same point and same time.

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