Ziasiot honored as high-tech enterprise
Ziasiot honored as high-tech enterprise
Feb 27, 2024

High-tech enterprises are those that conduct research and development of core technologies, transformation and industrialization of technological achievements in the high-tech fields that are key to national support. Such enterprises usually have strong innovation ability and market competitiveness, and are an important part of the national science and technology innovation system. As such an enterprise, Ziasiot has not only made achievements in technology research and development, but also owns a number of national patents, and is able to provide customers with a variety of products and technical solutions, including sensors, transmitters and so on. As a high-tech enterprise in Shanghai and a specialized and special new enterprise in Shanghai, Ziasiot always adheres to the principle of putting customers first, constantly innovating, steadily developing and self-improving, and at the same time, it takes cultivating talents as the center, creating an excellent team, and sharing the spiritual and material values with customers and employees.

As a global technology brand, Ziasiot is able to provide a variety of sensor products for different industry sectors, providing professional, reliable and high-performance IoT and digital solutions for the ever-changing intelligent environment; we strive for innovation, advocate environmental protection, adhere to the concept of high quality and integrity, and are committed to developing into a technology manufacturing group of sensors, IoT and digital solutions.


Sensors are crucial for urban digitalization, IoT and smart manufacturing. Ziasiot is able to provide comprehensive application solutions for different industry sectors, including fire protection, transportation, automotive, industrial, medical, sanitation, household appliances, energy, aviation, aerospace, military, industrial and commercial transportation, etc.; Ziasiot's team members have many years of industry experience and professional knowledge, and have established an organizational structure oriented by customers' needs, and have been continuously developing and improving our products. Ziasiot team members have many years of experience and expertise in the industry, and we have established an organizational structure oriented to customer needs, as well as continuous technological innovation and a number of product patents, which makes us always play the role of an innovator in the field of sensors, the Internet of Things and digital solutions.

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