ZSP202 Intelligent Water Air Pneumatic Hydraulic Pump Pressure Switch

Measuring Range: -0.1~0-0.02~100MPa

Measurement Accuracy: Class0.5,class0.25

Stability: ≤0.2% /year

Power supply: 15~36V.DC

Output form: 2 switch quantity(PNP/NPN)+4~20mA

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Measuring Range -0.1~0-0.02~100MPa
Compact stainless steel housing package
Protection level IP65
Multiple electrical connection options
The ZSP202 intelligent pressure switch is an intelligent digital display pressure measurement and control product integrating pressure measurement, display, and output control. The product is a fully electronic structure, which measures and controls the pressure of the control system. The intelligent pressure switch is flexible to use, simple to operate, easy to debug, safe and reliable. Widely used in hydropower, tap water, petroleum, chemical, machinery, hydraulic and other industries to measure, display and control the pressure of fluid media
Hydraulic and pneumatic control
construction machinery
Light industry, machinery and metallurgy
Industrial process and control

Measuring Range


Measurement Accuracy



≤0.2% /year

Display Method

4-digit digital tube unit display

Type of pressure

Gauge pressure, absolute pressure, sealed gauge pressure

Display range


Overload capacity

1.5times full scale

Maximum power consumption


Power supply


The protection grades


Switch load capacity


Output form

2 switch quantity(PNP/NPN)+4~20mA

Load resistance


Switch life


Response time


Medium temperature


Ambient temperature


Relative temperature


Storage temperature


Temperature effect

Within the specific working temperature,the output change≤±0.05% of the range for every 10℃ change in the ambient temperature


Ordering Guide

SeriesGuide ZSP202 - X - X X - X - X - X - X
Pressure Category Gauge G
Absolute Pressure A
Pressure Category bar B
kPa K
Pressure range Pressure Range Value x X
Process Connection G1/4 G1/4
1/4NPT 1/4NPT
G1/2 G1/2
M20×1.5 M20
R1/4 R1/4
R1/2 R1/2
1/2NPT 1/2NPT
Output Signal 1 channel PNP+4-20mA output H1
2 channel PNP output H2
2 channel PNP+4-20mA output H3
1 channel NPN+4-20mA output H4
2 channel NPN output H5
2 channel NPN+4-20mA output H6
Accuracy Class 0.5%FS --
0.25%FS 2A
Special Requirement Please consult for other special requirements
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