Vortex Series Intelligent Flow meter

Pressure Range: 1.6Mpa , 2.5Mpa , 4.0 Mpa , higher pressure specifications can be customized
Measuring medium:Liquid, gas, steam
Temperature range: Piezoelectric type: pipe type -20℃ ~ 350℃ plug-in type -10℃ ~ 300℃ capacitive type: pipe type -50℃ ~ 500℃ plug-in type -30℃ ~ 450℃
Explosion-proof mark: Flameproof ExdⅡBT5 Intrinsically Safe ExiaⅡCT5
Protection: IP68;

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The structure is simple and firm, no moving parts, long service life, low pressure loss and low operating cost.
It adopts a new design of anti-mechanical vibration, anti-shock and anti-dirt structure.
From the detection probe to the operational amplifier circuit, a high degree of interchangeability and versatility is realized.
The circuit adopts surface mount technology, compact structure and high reliability.
The menu is set according to the general operating principles, and the Chinese character prompts are adopted, which is clear and intuitive, and the operation is simple.
Within a certain reynolds number range, the output signal is not affected by changes in the physical properties and composition of the measured medium. The meter coefficients are only related to the shape and size of the vortex generator. Generally, there is no need to re-calibrate the meter coefficients after changing accessories.
Using a fine and low-power 128×64 full dot matrix LCD display, it can display instantaneous flow and accumulated flow on-site, as well as compensate the measured temperature and pressure, and display rich and intuitive data.
It has a multi-point linear correction function, which greatly improves the measurement accuracy. After using the high-speed algorithm to measure the cycle of single pulse pulse by pulse, the output is only delayed by one cycle after the compression or expansion calculation is performed one by one, achieving complete real-time linear compensation, and this performance has reached the world's leading level.
The differential pressure compensation type vortex mass flowmeter can directly measure the mass flow, and  is not affected  by the change of the medium composition or dryness, and the measurement accuracy is higher.
The temperature and pressure compensation type built-in or external sensor automatically corrects the temperature and pressure, and directly converts the working condition flow into mass flow or volume flow under standard conditions. The measurement is simple and accurate. 12 compensation algorithms can almost meet all flow compensation requirements.

Application area

The instrument has a series of advantages such as wide range ratio, high accuracy, convenient installation and maintenance and wide media adaptability. It can be widely used in the process measurement and energy-saving management of various low-viscosity liquids, gases, steam and other single-phase fluids in petroleum, chemical, metallurgy, machinery, food, paper, medicine, and urban pipeline heating, water supply, gas and other industries.

Product description

The vortex flowmeter is a velocity flowmeter made according to the Karman vortex theory, using the natural vibration principle of the fluid, and using piezoelectric crystals or differential capacitors as detection components.
This product adopts unique differential technology, with isolation, shielding, filtering and other measures to overcome the problems of poor shock resistance, large noise, and small signal data disorder of similar products, and adopts unique detection probe packaging new technology and protective measures to ensure Improve the reliability of the product.
The product has three measurement types: basic type, differential pressure type, and temperature and pressure compensation integrated type. The basic type measures the flow signal of a single working condition, the differential pressure compensation type directly measures the mass flow, and the temperature and pressure compensation type can measure temperature, pressure, and flow at the same time. The signal, after compensation, outputs the volume flow rate or mass flow rate under standard conditions. The product has two structural types: pipeline type and plug-in type, which can be displayed on site or transmitted over long distances. Each type has specifications for high temperature, high pressure, anti-corrosion, and explosion-proof, and there are integral and split structures to adapt to different measurements. Media and installation environment.

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