ZSRD70X explosion-proof Radar type Level Sensor/Transmitter
Measuring range: 30m
Frequency: 500MHz-1.8GHz
Antenna: single cable or single pole antenna
Measurement accuracy: ±10mm
Process temperature: (-40~250)℃
Process pressure: (-0.1~4) MPa
Signal output: (4~20) mA/HART
On-site display: four-digit LCD programmable
Power source: two-wire system (DC24V)
/Four-wire system (DC24V/AC220V)
Shell: Aluminum / Plastic
Process connection: thread/flange (optional)
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Thanks to the advanced microprocessor and unique choDiscovery echo processing technology, the guided wave radar level gauge can be applied to various complex working conditions.
A variety of process connection methods and detection component types make the 60X series guided wave radar level gauge suitable for various complex working conditions and applications. Such as: high temperature, high pressure and small dielectric constant medium, etc.
It adopts the pulse working mode, the transmitting power of the guided wave radar level gauge is extremely low, and it can be installed in various metal and non-metal containers, which is harmful to the human body and the environment.

Application area

Application: liquid and solid powder measurement

Product description

Guided wave radar is a measuring instrument based on the principle of time travel. The radar wave runs at the speed of light, and the running time can be converted into a level signal by electronic components. The probe sends out high-frequency pulses and propagates along the cable or rod probe. When the pulses meet the surface of the material, they are reflected back and received by the receiver in the meter, and the distance signal is converted into a level signal.
The reflected pulse signal is transmitted to the electronic circuit part of the instrument along the cable or rod probe. The microprocessor processes this signal to identify the echo generated by the microwave pulse on the surface of the material. The correct echo signal identification is completed by the pulse software, and the distance D from the surface of the material is proportional to the time travel T of the pulse:
Where C is the speed of light
Since the distance E of the empty tank is known, the level L is:
By entering the empty tank height E (=zero point), the tank is full
Height F (= full scale) and some application parameters
Setting, application parameters will automatically make the meter adapt to the measurement
Quantity environment, corresponding to 4-20mA output.
Measuring range:
H----Measuring range
L----empty tank distance
B----top blind zone
E----Minimum distance from probe to tank wall
The top blind zone refers to the minimum distance between the highest material surface of the material and the measurement reference point.
The bottom blind zone refers to a distance near the bottom of the cable that cannot be accurately measured.
There is a finite measurement distance between the top blind zone and the bottom blind zone.

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