PT260 Settlement Sensor Displacement Liquid Static Level Meter

Pressure range:500mmH2O、1000mmH2O2000mmH2O2500mmH2O

Excitation voltage:9…36VDC

Output signal:RS485


Accuracy(25℃):±0.5 mmH2O、±1 mmH2O、±2 mmH2O

Protection level:IP67

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The PT260 series of static level is composed of liquid reservoirs, imported high precision cores,special customized circuit modules, protective covers and other components. A plurality of static level gauges are connected together with liquid-filled connecting pipes, the reference static level gauge is located on a stable reference point..

Scope and application

The PT260 series of static level is a high liquid level measuring instrument used to measue the basis and relative settlement of each measuring point. of the building. Application sites include large buildings, such as hydropower plants, dams, high-rise buildings, nuclear power plants, water coservancy projects, railways, subways, high-speed rails, integrated pipeline corridors and other measurement points of uneven unsettlement points.

Installation methods

Installation method and process

1、The requirement for base point selection of base point before installation is that the distance between base points principle is larger than 1M as much as possible which is relatively stable and free of vibration source's interference. The drop is not more than 1.5M。 The spacing between the measuring points is arranged according to the design requirement.

2、Confirm the ID adress of static level before installation and record it in PC software, test all sensors to be installed online foe 10 minuites. determine static level according to the order of the ID number and the location of the measuring point during installation.

3、The measuring point sensor is fixed and installed with expansion bolts and required to be fixed firmly, then connect the liquid connecting pipes in series to each measuring point sensor, the base point and  the liquid storage tank are connected and closed, the screw at the liquid interface is locked and fixed and no liquid leakage is required.

4、The air pipe joints of each static level gauge are connected in series with pipe lines.

5、Fill the liquid tank. Different monitoring environment have different requirements for liquids. Two liquids are recommended, the first is tap waterand ditilled water. Generally, when using this liquid, it is necessary to make sure the ambient temperature change is not greater than 10 degrees, and the expansion coefficient of the liquid will not freeze within the control range. The second type is antifreeze+tap water with a ratio of 1:1. This liquid is generally used in the northern cold area with a temperature range of -20°-30°. The main purpose is to prevent freezing.

6、The liquid is added in one place in the liquid storage tank. When the liquid is added, the valve the measuring point sensor is opened to ensure that air can be discharged. When adding liquid, the connecting pipe should be ensured there can be no air bubbles in the sensor. The diameters of the bubbles is not more than 2mm. Unscrew the exhaust valve to exhaust the air. In this way, the sensor is more secure.

Safty precautions

1.Make sure that the base is on a substantially same surface.

2. All liquid storage tanks should be carefullychecked for water leakage.

3. Make sure to drain the rest of the liquidconnection pipes in each section, there can be no air sections.

4. The liquid connecting pipes should be protected to prevent the liquid from being blocked after buried.

5 Do not have machinery at each measuring point afer burial , so as not to cause damage.

Technical data

Pressure range: 500mmH2O1000mmH2O2000mmH2O2500mmH2O

Excitation voltage: 936VDC

output signal: RS485

resolution: 0.01mmH2O

Accuracy(25℃): ±0.5 mmH2O、±1 mmH2O、±2 mmH2O

Temprature effect: ±0.5 mmH2O、±1 mmH2O、±2 mmH2O

Operating temperature: -2085

Compensation temperature: -2060

Overload capacity: 200%FSO

Shell material: aluminum alloy

Protection level: IP67

Installation method: Vertical fixed installation with exhaust valve upwards

Electrical connections: Waterproof four-core plug-in

Liquid/Gas interface: Stainless steel quick connector


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