PT230 series Compact Differential Pressure transmitter
Pressure Range: 0~100kPa to 0~10MPa ;
Accuracy: 0.25%F.S/0.5%F.S/0.1%F.S ;
Signal ouput: 4~20mA,0~10V,0~5V,0~20mA;
Temp.:-20~85 ℃ ;
Protection: IP65;
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Compact design
High cost performance
Wide measuring range
Optional field display


flow measurement
Filter monitoring
Hydraulic and pneumatic system
machine manufacture

Product description

PT230 series differential pressure transmitter is assembled with diffused silicon differential pressure core,The whole product is of all stainless steel structure,The two pressure interfaces are directly installed on the measuring pipeline or connected through the pressure pipe. Compact design makes it suitable for equipment matching, machinery manufacturing and other applications with narrow space, complete equipment design, etc. Suitable for differential pressure measurement of various gases and liquids.

Technical Parameters

Pressure range 0~100kPa to 0~10MPa
Type of pressure manometer pressure
measurement accuracy Class 0.5, class 0.25
behaviour of electricity Two wire system Three-wire system 0 ~ 10v Three-wire system
output signal (4~20)mA (0~10)V (0~5)V
Power supply 9~36Vdc 15~36Vdc 12~36Vdc
insulance 500MΩ 100Vdc
Overload pressure Twice the rated pressure
Bidirectional static pressure 5 times rated pressure
Working temperature (-20~85)℃
the protection grades IP65
Long term stability 0.2%FS/year

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