PT219 MEMS Pressure Sensor for Shield Tunneling Machine

Pressure Range:0-60MPa;




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Sturdy structure, good long-term stability
No cavity flat film, anti-clogging design
Vibration resistance, impact resistance, abrasion resistance

Application area

Tunnel Shield Machine
Brick making machinery
Petroleum exploration and water conservancy river dam

Product description

The PT219 series pressure sensor adopts high-precision pressure core and precision compensation technology for wide-range temperature compensation. The pressure-sensitive diaphragm adopts a solid diaphragm with a special treatment. The superb mechanical transmission structure design ensures that the hard sand in the measured medium will not Damaged isolation flat diaphragm, compact structure, corrosion resistance, vibration resistance, and impact resistance of hard sand particles. Mainly used in various engineering equipment, tunnel shield machinery, brick making machinery, liquid pressure, oil exploration and mud measurement of water conservancy river dams.

Technical Parameters


Temp. Compensation:-10-70°C


Working Temp: -20-100°C



Power: 24VDC、9〜36VDC

Max overload: 200%

Connection: DN**Flange

Temp. shift: 0.02%FS/°C

E-connection: Aviation plugs, waterproof outlet, 12*l

Stability: 0.2%FS/year

Load capacity: Current:R=(U-8V)/0.02fi

Wetted Part: 304

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