PT190 Relay Output Melt Pressure Sensors

Pressure Range:0~3.5MPa to 0~100MPa;


Signal output: Relay;

Temp.: 400℃;

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Pressure range:0~3.5MPa to 0~100MPa
• 4-20mA output
• Accuracy:±0.5%、±0.25%
• Short-circuited auto zero function
• Relay output
• Special coating diaphragm corrosion resistance
• Special designed circuit board for anti-jamming

Application area

Profile lines
Sheet lines
Pipe lines
Food package
Accumulator head

Product description

PT190 seires melt pressure sensors are used in the working temperature up to 400℃, with
relay output function for more safe and intelligent usage.


Pressure range 0~3.5MPa~0~100MPa
Accuracy ±0.5%、±0.25%
Output 3 wire 4~20mA
Power Supply  12~36Vdc
Response Speed  30ms
Resistance  350Ω
Diaphragm Temp 400℃
Working Temp  -30~85℃
E-connection  6pin/7pin/8pin
Calibration  80%FSO
Process Connection 1/2-20UNF、M14×1.5、M18×1.5
Relay output  10%~100%FSO
Relay supply  220Vdc,1A
Relay accuracy  2%FSO
Thermocouple   J、K、E、pt100

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