PT211L Lora with 433Mhz Pressure Sensor Wireless Transmission, Modbus Support
Pressure Range: (0~600)kPa to(0~50)MPa;

Accuracy: 0.2%F.S/0.5%F.S ;


Temp.:-30~80 ℃ ;

Protection: IP67;

Dimension: 96mm*136mm*90mm

Weight: 350g

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High sensitivity, low power consumption
Large system capacity
Real-time collection and display of pressure values
LoRa wireless data two-way transmission
Provide additional RS485 serial port
Support graphical parameter configuration
Support automatic collection and active reporting of data

Factory can integrate large-capacity lithium battery

Support Mod bus communication protocol

High quality diffused silicon core, digital compensation, to ensure high precision


4-digit LED/LCD digital display, convenient and intuitive
Provide range setting and adjustment buttons on the panel
Anti-shock, anti-vibration, suitable for industrial sites and low temperature and high temperature working environment
EMC anti-interference design, suitable for electromagnetic harsh environment
The whole product has passed the isolation and explosion-proof certification and can be used in explosion-proof environments

Application area

Wastewater measurement;
Open water container measurement;
Mining well measurement.

Product description

This series of pressure transmitters is a new type of industrial-grade transmitter product that uses the 433Mhz-LoRa wireless self-organizing network as the core and wirelessly transmits pressure data. The product adopts an industrial explosion-proof housing. In terms of sensor processing, it uses a diaphragm-type diffusion silicon core to perform multi-point temperature compensation to achieve stable pressure data collection and ensure the reliability and accuracy of pressure data.
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