PT216AS/PT216AH/PT216AM Flush Diaphragm Sillcon Pressure Sensor Transmitter
Pressure Range: -1~400 bar;
Accuracy: ±0.25%F.S;
Signal ouput: 4-20mA;
Temp.:-40~80 ℃ ;
Protection grade: IP67
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Cavitless corrugated flat film
A variety of housings are available
Protection level IP68
Multiple electrical connection options
Sanitary surface roughness Ra < 0.38 μm can be selected

Application area

Food and beverage industry
Medical pharmaceutical industry
Pigment, spraying
Chemical industry and paper industry

Product description

This series of products is a sanitary special pressure transmitter with diffused silicon pressure core as sensitive element and 316L stainless steel diaphragm isolation.This series of products has the characteristics of stainless steel welded structure, high precision, non-cavity corrugated flat film, wide measuring range and field display. Widely used in food, medicine and other health industries or fluid pressure measurement and control with particles.


Product mix

Preposition type

Flat film type/sanitary type

Pressure range

-1 ~ 0 bar to 0 ~ 400 bar

-1 ~ 0 bar to 0 ~ 40 bar (specific pressure shall not exceed PN value of pressure interface)

Type of pressure

Gauge pressure and absolute pressure

Measurement accuracy

Grade 0.5, Grade 0.25, Grade 0.1

Behaviour of electricity

Two wire system

Output signal


Power supply


Load resistance


Electrical connection

M12 connector, hessman, waterproof joint

Ambient temperature


Working temperature

Direct connection type:(-20~125)℃、Heat sink type:(-20~160)℃、

The protection grades


Product Decomposition

Application Cases

Factory Workshop

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