PT218E/PT280 Anti-Crossive Piezoresistive Pressure Sensor

Pressure Range: 0~1.0MPa~40MPa;


Signal output: 0-10V,0-5V,0-20mA,4-20mA ;

Temp: -10~+85℃;

Response rate: ≤10msec;

Power: 24Vdc (12~36Vdc)

Protection degree: IP65

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The measurement accuracy is better than 0.5 level
PTFE shell, strong acid and strong alkali resistance
Imported high performance thick film ceramic core
High reliability and good long-term stability

Application area

medical technology
Environmental monitoring technology
Electroplating technology
Petrochemical industry

Product description

PT218E series anti-corrosion pressure transmitter adopts high-performance ceramic piezoresistive and anti-corrosion core,Using the characteristics of temperature stability, high precision and strong corrosion resistance of ceramics,Use PTFE, anti-corrosion alloy and other materials with strong anti-corrosion performance, and can measure various corrosive media,It is suitable for precise measurement and control of corrosive fluid and gas pressure in various fields

Techincal Parameters

Pressure range 0~5MPa
Type of pressure manometer pressure
measurement accuracy Grade 0.5
behaviour of electricity Two wire system Three-wire system 0 ~ 10v three-wire system three-wire system
output signal (4~20)mA (0~10)V (0~5)V (0.5~4.5)V
Power supply 12~32Vdc 12~32Vdc 10~32Vdc 5Vdc
Load resistance <(U-8)/0.02 >20k >20k >20k
electrical connection water joint
Overload pressure 1.5 times rated pressure
Working temperature (-10~85)℃
Compensation temperature (0~75)℃
the protection grades IP65
response rate ≤10msec
Long term stability 0.2%FS/year
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