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Diffused Silicon Pressure Transmitter Model:PT216 Application:Automatic detecting system; Constant pressure water supply; Hydraulic and pneumatic system; Pump and water treatment Parameter description    Installation instructions Online order
Features and Application
       Accuracy superior to±0.5%FS
       Imported high performance diffused silicon chip -1bar~0bar or 0~700bar
       Stainless steel encapsulation
       Multiple E-connections
       IP65 protection grade
application area
       Automatic detecting system
       Constant pressure water supply
       Hydraulic and pneumatic system
       Pump and water treatment
Product description

       This series of pressure transmitter adopts high performance diffused silicon chip, converting gauge pressure or absolute pressure of measured medium into standard signal output of volt or current by highly reliable amplifying circuit and temperature com-pensation. It features superior anti-interference,wide working temperature range and long term stability.
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